RX100 arrived. First conclusions, video mostly

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RX100 arrived. First conclusions, video mostly

OK, first my opinion on some things said all over the web about the RX100. I have a S90, S100 and a Sony CX560V camcorder.

S100 size: NOT, the RX100 is much bigger for me, and much heavier. I don't care about written specs, this camera is significantly bigger and heavier than the S100. But yes, it is pocketable, no doubt, just tighten your belt to keep your pants on.

DSLR experience: NOT, in ergonomics and operation, it's P&S all the way, in some cases not even the best one.

Much better built quality compared to Canon S: NOT. Steve Huff said that first, but I am holding al three and they are built the same to me.

And the negatives first (not many):

  • video is to saturated, even using Portrait profile with Saturation at -3 and Contrast at -2, it's still too saturated, but not that much to be unusable.

  • when video starts recording, the image is imediately underexposed by -0.7 stops, and the frame crops, so it's not really 28mm once you start recording. But why the underexposure after pushing record button ?

  • when pushing the flash into the body after popping it up, it feels that it will break very soon. Am I doing something wrong ?

And now some impressions:

  • Video quality is superb. It's the brightest, sharpest and most pleasant footage than any of the cameras I've used, and I used a lot. In low light is also better than everything I have seen. You'll need the 5DMKIII to beat it. This brings me to:

  • The lens. Now that is a lens. It's so sharp, superb micro contrast, great bokeh. Yes I have just a slight green cast in corners at tele but I had to look very hard for it. I don't care. Mine it's super-sharp at any setting anywhere. This is one of the best lenses I have ever used, and again, I used a lot. (I'm including DSLR lenses)

  • Image quality is top notch. I only shoot RAW but with no software support yet, I shot RAW plus full quality jpegs. I shot a photo in very harsh light and pushed the fill light slider to 100% in Lightroom, on the jpeg. Not a trace of noise, and details were revealed. I'm 100% sure in RAW this camera will blow many DSLR's away in IQ.

  • Need to do some tests, but it seems that fill-flash works great, this is so important to me, and usually P&S don't get this right. The RX100 seems as good as my Nikon.

  • Autofocus is superb. It's clearly the fastest P&S outhere, but this is the smartest AF I've seen. Put it in auto-everything and 99% it just focuses right where you want. Always on the eyes on portraits etc. It's superb. It also works great for video, this is the only still camera I used that actually has usable AF in video, but it's not just usable, it's better than my camcorder even if it works with a shallower DOF. Bravo !

  • 3 memory recalls that work great and fast. This makes the camera so much more usable and so much faster to operate than every other P&S outhere.

So far I love it, can't wait for RAW support. I'm keeping my S100 also, it is a brilliant camera, the best I've used until the RX100 arrived, and it's advantage is that is so small and light for what it can do.

Can anybody comment on the negatives I wrote, maybe it's me doing something wrong ?

Canon EOS 5D Canon PowerShot S90 Ricoh CX5 Sony RX100
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