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Re: As the host of the series...

No, but I'm seriously concerned, and I would really like to answer your concerns the proper way. Being courteous and charming have never ever been in my mind as taken for being rude or dismissive.

I felt you were being rude to me, and resulted you weren't, and I never thought I was being rude, and at the end I was. I'm frustrated.

mschf explained to me my mistakes in the lower posts, and I understood many things. Maybe is because he is married to a latin american, and he knows how we think, but I took matters into account and did a lot of cleaning to the GR challenge. I know is not a good idea to DQ images at the voting phase, but is better late than never.

I didn explained each and every one of the disqualifications, explaining to the contestants what Alpenglow is, that the sun shouldn't be on the frame, that it should be indirect light, etc.

I also posted a new challenge, and I hope to nail this one. Third time is a charm.

MouraPhoto wrote:

Let me tell you a little story Martin. A few months back, the British prime minister, in a debate with an opposing MP, let out the expression "Calm down, dear!". Now, if this was directed at a male MP, that would have been fine, but it wasn't. It was to a female MP, and so became condescending, demeaning and outright rude, and he was forced to apologise and retract his comment due to public outcry. Or, as Raptor puts it, "Rude is in the eye of the beholder.". So yes, it was rude, if for no other reason, because I told you so. The dismissive tone on your (non)apology, and the fact that you interact with everyone in the most charming and courteous tone, only makes it worse I'm afraid.

But I get it, I asked you some uncomfortable questions and raised some uncomfortable issues, some of which we will most likely never get a definitive answer on. So now, you've developed some anti-bodies against me. But I was just trying to understand what the point was with your challenges, and now have all the information I need to reach my conclusion. So don't worry as I will not interfere in this anymore.

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