Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: it was your choice

edwardaneal wrote:

you bought into a system and I assume that when you did you knew there wasnt a 35mm prime

Now you can either be patient and wait until they make a 35, buy into a system that already has one or get a different focal length.

It is in the OP's right to be angry. Promises were made by Sony about the Nex mirrorless system being the future. Knowing how important lenses are, as part of a system, we all assumed that lenses will be coming. The sad part is: Sony tried marketing the Nex toward amateurs. Let me tell you: amateur are either using cell phones these days, or they are enamored by a SLR, irrespective of what we tell them. The mirrorless segment has appealed mostly to advanced amateurs and pro wanting a back-up system that is small, lightweight, and can be carried easily. This segment is more demanding in terms of prime lenses than the initially targeted segment.

So be it. It has been now three years. Either Sony understand it, and shift resources from designing more cameras to designing more lenses (and some additional accessories) to make Nex a real system.

Now we have heard it all:

. " Teams designing cameras are different than teams designing lenses, different organizations or skillset" : That's what managers and leader should do: be able to shift resources, reallocate, fire/hire, as needed, to develop and execute on a strategy. A company should not develop based on available resources, but rather based on a profitably sustainable strategy that they can fund.

. " Sony did deliver lenses ": Yes, like three flavors of 18-200, and no fast 28 to 50mm range prime lenses

. " I keep my lenses forever, but I upgrade bodies every year ": Fine. But give us the d*mn lenses that we will keep forever

. " You are a complaining b*st*rd, Sony Rocks ": yes, Sony rocks, whatever, can we have our lenses now ?

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