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Re: As the host of the series...

I know, but I usually DQ the most obvious ones. But I can see your point here, if the challenge fills up fast, I should be more strict in DQing the ones that don't fit the rules.

The problem is that as a host, you have the ability to control what's entered, so if it were me, I would take advantage of this (even if mistakes are made, it's not really a big deal, the DQed entrant can always argue his case in a PM and can always have his image reinstated... in the end, everyone learns something, even in the case of a DQed entrant getting nasty you learn to grow thicker skin ;))

Where you lose a lot of control is during voting. You have no say at all over how someone votes (besides eliminating votes that you feel could be from sandbaggers). You can't DQ a vote simply because you think he's wrong in giving 5 stars to a headshot of a housecat in a dogs challenge, so I think it's important that the set of images going forward into voting should be ones that (to you) are eligible as per your criteria. It's the only way you can maintain some sort of influence over the voter.

But is also true that the definition of Alpenglow, as said before, is a bit elusive. Anyhow, since I'm the host I have to find a way to enforce in order to get quality over quantity.

I can't say much regarding this, I'm a complete ignoramus over Rowell and alpenglow ;). Whoever it was that created this topic is the one who ultimately has the right to decide how "for fun" or "serious" the topic ought to be. However, I think most peoples' issue over this is just that the descriptions and rules don't clarify very well what the host(s) intended. To make it even more confusing, the series title alone "masters" hints at something towards the "serious".

I've always said that there are two ways of saying things. The good way, and the bad way. I understand, and in fact I just put that into action in my next challenge. Thanks to you, and apologies to RaptorUK and Mouraphoto.

No biggie, and to be fair I think whatever mild harshness is being displayed here from anyone is just due to a bit of a language issue, we have to take into consideration that we're not always clear with what we mean to write (whether we're native english speakers or not ;))

And if they really are being intentionally harsh, you can always resort to a spanish style counter-attack... words like "carajo", "mierda", "pendejo", "maricon", come to mind

Lesson learned.

Not the first, not the last, for any of us

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~ Martin

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