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Re: As the host of the series...

mschf wrote:

Martin, I have to disagree with your views on this, Raptor's point is that by not removing entries that don't meet the criteria, you're denying someone's entering an image that does meet it... ok, if the challenge isn't filling up fast ie. there are submission slots open right up until voting time, then no one's going to get denied their entry, but then the problem, in either scenario, continues in the voting stage (where you can never predict what kinds of voters will weigh in).

I know, but I usually DQ the most obvious ones. But I can see your point here, if the challenge fills up fast, I should be more strict in DQing the ones that don't fit the rules. But is also true that the definition of Alpenglow, as said before, is a bit elusive. Anyhow, since I'm the host I have to find a way to enforce in order to get quality over quantity.

Yes, some challenge results are very respectable but way too many times it's the most pleasing entries that win (or get into the top 10% or so) and everyone carries on under the assumption that something is to be learned from those top-rated photos. And then the next time a challenge is announced with the same/similar topic, everyone will look at or recall this challenge, assume that the top images are true to the topic, and use them as a guidestick for future entries of theirs... yes this is all just basically for fun but one has to consider how "unfun" it is for those that make a serious (but in the spirit of "fun" nonetheless) effort with their entries only to see something invalid beat them in the voting.

You cannot simply trust voters' abilities to identify images that conform (or don't conform) to the topic. You are expected to set an example by maintaining the entries so that overall they remain true to the topic/rules you yourself set (in this case, quite specific ones). Again, I realize it's just for fun but if you want to keep interpretations loose, personally I wouldn't start challenges that explicitly refer to a known photographer and their philosophies. When you do, some people will take the topic more seriously and the fun factor for them evaporates once a bunch of entries are submitted which don't meet the requirements you set. And if the top images are way off base, the disappointment only increases for them.

I really believe that an entrant would absorb a lot more if their image was DQed along with a helpful explanation vs. leaving them to figure out why they got ranked low. I doubt most people even bother to evaluate the results, just shrug and move on to the next challenge.

Not suggesting how to run the challenge, it's your call and I wasn't involved in the thinking behind it so I don't feel I'm in any position to override your reasoning, yet these are my (and others') personal views which I think would be worth your consideration.

I've always said that there are two ways of saying things. The good way, and the bad way. I understand, and in fact I just put that into action in my next challenge. Thanks to you, and apologies to RaptorUK and Mouraphoto.

Lesson learned.

Martin Ocando wrote:

If you had access to the "Tentative Results" for the Galen Rowell challenge, you will know that this is NOT the case, nor it will happen that way. One thing I've seen in these challenges, is that voters are real photographers, and the best picture always wins. Maybe the best for some is on the 2nd or 3rd spot, but it always ends up in the top five.

RaptorUK wrote:

Martin Ocando wrote:

I thought for a moment in DQing them, but I think low voting is more a learning experience than plain DQing, since it might be taken as like just the host didn't liked my image. With getting very low votes, I'm encouraging people to reassess the challenges with a positive attitude.

Unfortunately what you are doing is being unfair to many entrants and may potential Entrants.

The Challenges are just for fun, but where is the fun for the Entrants when they get beaten by an entry that doesn't even meet the theme ? where is the fun for an Entrant that didn't enter a sunset picture only to see sunset pictures being allowed to go through to voting ?

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