NEX-7 w/ FD 35mm f2 "Chrome Nose" - Picture Thread

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Re: NEX-7 w/ FD 35mm f2 "Chrome Nose" - Picture Thread

Kase Zome wrote:

Whoa... nice shots Mark. Thanks for posting up the difference between the 2 lenses. I've been reading a bit about bokeh and it seems to me, that to a significant degree, it's a very subjective element in photography. Your post above has saved me quite a bit of research and has cleared things up a lot for me. Thank you.

Since I've never taken a formal photography class, my skill and appreciation / tastes are still in their formative stages and I like the more "creamy" and less structured bokeh of the Pentax and the Canon. Maybe over time as I delve deeper into this hobby I'll start appreciating different sorts of bokeh for different subject matters. Already I can see how the Sony's bokeh seems to work better for black and white and street shots. I can't quite verbalize it other than the additional detail adds to the "feel" of being on the street. Maybe because of the geometric shapes of buildings, etc.?

Anyway, thanks again.

Thanks, bokeh is highly subjective and really dependent on the rest of the shot. Sometimes I prefer a more structured bokeh and sometimes a very soft one, so flexibility's important to me.

You can see in the fence shot with the Pentax where it gets more structured, or busy look to it. In the context of the shot, I like it quite a bit, but it wouldn't be desirable for a portrait.

A lot of people do like the softer bokeh, so your opinion isn't that uncommon. On other end of the spectrum are lenses like the CZ Biotar, or copy of it Helios-44 which are sought after solely for their unique structured bokeh look.

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