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Re: My 5-star choice

Moura, I appreciate it but no apologies necessary. It's just a forum, we go overboard over certain things and get aggressive or defensive where in real life we probably wouldn't, and if we can't fight our own battles then we should probably stay away from forums. I don't get upset or hold grudges, yeah I get idiotic sometimes but in that case I go into sarcasm mode (maybe hard to detect just by reading words)... in this case I was playing off the accusation that I'm "arrogant". I'm not like that at all (tho I do have a sarcastic personality) but I can actually see myself coming off that way sometimes when I reread what I write to someone who only knows of me from my text... problem is that I might try too hard to make myself clear when all I can use is typed text to express something... and too often I assume the other party will "get" what I'm trying to say only to realize later that "what I meant to say" wasn't written very clearly unless they "read my mind" which of course (unlike some responders I've encountered here ;)) isn't something I expect anyone should be forced to do.

In the A.Adams thread, Martin O. mentioned something about editing the subject/description/rules in this challenge, and for the meantime I'm going to assume that there might be a translation issue here, especially because he stated that I requested a change at some point (this is news to me because such a request was never made at all by me -- no type of request whatsoever was made by me -- I even checked the PMs between Martin and I and there's no hint of a request there either - I'm stumped). Anyhow, if it's true that something was altered (even though if it was only what Martin O. stated in the other thread, it wouldn't have even slightly changed the meaning of the topic), then I apologize as I would be wrong (hear that, Chato? I can admit to being "w-w-w-w-w-wrong" -- Fonzie style) about my insistence that nothing was ever changed during the active period of the challenge.

If Martin O's words were mangled in transaltion though, I take back my apology

MouraPhoto wrote:

Just a quick comment on this particular point. You seem to have become quite aggrieved by all this, and you seem to blame me in some way for that, as if I'm doing it on purpose just to upset you. Just want to say that I never intended to do that, and I'm terribly sorry for any harm that I might have done to you. I did make that cheeky comment but I thought you would be able to read through it as you sound like the intelligent person I'm sure you are (so no, not trolling). I've already apologised for that, and am apologising here again.

So again, I'm really sorry if I aggrieved you, and I'm sorry for any discomfort I might have caused to you and the ones closer to you. Rest assured that it will not happen again!

mschf wrote:

I strongly... no wait... vehemently disagree. You've been dragging me places by reinterpreting a lot of what I wrote, veering into side arguments, challenging me on "style" when I never brought it up, and more, and ultimately over this asinine issue over the supposed manipulation of the description and rules of this challenge. Was it me who dragged us into all this? Puhleez!

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~ Martin

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