LX5 JPEG colour and comparison to P7100

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Re: LX5 JPEG colour and comparison to P7100

Pootle2 wrote:

As I've mentioned in previous posts I was (am) seriously considering the LX5 because of just how enjoyable a camera it is to hold and shoot.

However, I'm really disappointed in the LX5 colours in jpeg mode - they look washed out - particularly the greens and reds. I've never used RAW before, is this something that can be fixed if I learn to post process RAW? How hard is it to learn? Is the panasonic supplied software good enough?

I often am less impressed with panasonic color for living things than I am with my Canons. But you can tweak the color quite a bit for JPEG shooting, so there is a lot you can change. There are plenty of presets for different color scemes, too. Usually I just end up shooting standard and giving it a minor contrast boost in a photo editor.

RAW is not too hard to learn, but the Silkypix software is awful (coming from someone who also uses the very friendly Canon software with my other camera). It's basically playing with sliders to see what color, exposure, contrast, sharpness you like.

A close second regarding "feel in my hands" is the Nikon P7100 - any thoughts/links to a comparison between the two. Local stores are blowing both cameras out the door and both can be had quite cheap "while supplies last"

P7100 is bigger, has a flip screen and a longer zoom. Panasonic has a faster lens (better for low light) and a significantly wider lens. I'd say 7100 better for outdoor and telephoto. LX5 for lower light and wide angle. I went LX5.

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