Why Not the HX20V?

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Re: Why Not the HX20V?

I am about to buy either the HX20V or RX100 as a wedding gift for my sister and her fiance (not too concerned about the price difference) as she is looking for a new camera and asked me to research for her.

She commented on my parents HX9V at Xmas saying that she likes the sharpness and overall IQ and that she could achieve without the need for re-takes like her current camera (Fuji S9100). She also commented that she likes the fact that it's easier to use.

Now you would have thought, simple, get the HX20V, but... she will be taking the camera to her beach wedding in October and will be using it for the 2 week duration. In addition, she has a one year old and a three year old who are obviously quite active, and I am thinking the RX100 should provide a higher quality photo and have quicker focus for snapping the little ones.

She lives in Oz so a large chunk of the year will be bright conditions. Here I am thinking the bright-white display of the RX will help greatly. Her current bridge camera has the viewfinder so no problems currently.

I asked her whether she would need a camcorder replacement with long zoom but with photos that may show imperfections if cropped too much (HX), or whether she would prefer a smaller zoom reach with photos that can be cropped without a significant loss of detail (RX).

She said the smaller zoom with the ability to crop might be better, but after reading other peoples comments, I am starting to think that seeing as she will probably leave it in one of the auto modes most of the time, will she see any benefit from the RX100?

Her fiance is a bit more camera savvy, and I am thinking he may use some of the programmable/manual features of the RX100. I know he mentioned that if he had his way he would buy a DSLR (but as a camera isn't their top priority, they just need a jack-of-all-trades pocketable solution).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which camera of the two will suit my sister's circumstances? She has made it clear that her current bridge camera and even my NEX-5 is too big for her to even consider a mirrorless camera or bridge camera.


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