How many people here regularly print their photos?

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Re: How many people here regularly print their photos?

It's that lowering of acceptable photo standards that puzzles me. Surely we should be demanding higher quality? One of the phonecammers put a pic up on FB the other day of her son with two mates. The photo was badly blurred yet people still 'liked' it!

Of course even a proper compact digicam might not give a great picture in very low light but with 'proper' flash at least the pic should be in focus-ish and sharp-ish, good enough to give some room for improvement in PP.

Re the 6x4ers I just think it's too small a size to show off photography. I was only the other day flicking through some of my bro's old pics in a 2-3inch thick album and it is nice to view them presented like that complete with his adjacent notes. I just don't think the size does them justice. I'd maybe prefer an iPad style device in bed but hmmmm although larger and better image quality lacks the tactility and I dunno 'oldschoolness' of an album. Digital photos on screen like digital music files have something taken away from them by their electronicness & intangibility.

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