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Re: Seeking online fufillment companies

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Next you have to decide about sales - how do you do it now? I've never seen online sales amount to much of anything. Sales is your business so why leave it to some unknown online entity that is nothing more than an order taker. I'm sure you think your business is photography and your pics are so good they'll sell themselves but I've not met the photog that's managed to pull that one off.

Local photog studio here is an order taker biz model - $300 sr average, $24 sports league average. I"m in the same town - $1000 senior average and $34 sports league average. I don't work any harder than him but I make more money. But I consider sales (and the whole customer experience is part of it) to be more important than the photography, or well, at least as important.

For sr and portraiture I spend as much time, if not more, on selling as i do shooting/editing. Phone call 'consult', sometimes in person too, where i have mom wait while i shoot the sr, the book I give them that is my pricing, a studio session is about an hour, a sales presentation/order is 90 minutes, and another 20 for delivery (it's a presentation, not something left to the UPS guy to drop at the back door)

You get paid for what you do and that includes selling, printing, packaging, etc

I whole heartedly agree with you. I don't intent online sales to be the backbone of my business. I was using online sales for simple pre-school class group shots

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