Travel & Hiking Japan -- which lenses to bring/buy?

Started Aug 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Travel & Hiking Japan -- which lenses to bring/buy?

i took an e-pl2, oly 14-150mm and panny 20mm for a 2-week visit to japan in march/april. it's nice not to have too many lenses when traveling. i found the 45-150mm range to be fun... but not necessary. if i were you, i'd take 3 lenses at most , and in fact would prefer just 2: definitely the 25mm for the classic 50mm EFL, iffy lighting and overall image character (i don't think the 20mm's size will save you much with the om-d), and either the 9-18mm or 14-45. i'd lean towards the UWA... and just zoom with your feet if you want something closer. i like to have fewer lenses rather than more because it simplifies and purifies the travel (and image-making) experience... it sucks to get hung up on gear when you're traveling the world!

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