Possible D800e/105mm Autofocus Issue

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Re: At 1/60th a tripod does you no good

Why does a tripod at 1/60th do me no good? On a tripod, I have seldom seen appreciable differences between 1/60th and even 1/125th. Could you explain your comment?

I understand; the test shot was an awful attempt at communicating what I was seeing. I have hundreds of photos that are out of focus, I just couldn't violate my IRB by showing you the images.

So, it turns out it was 100% user error. I went through the whole spectrum of AF fine tuning and it did no good. I decided to re-check all of my assumptions; it turns out my wall mount rig, which seemed quite secure, moved every time the shutter opened.

I placed the camera on a stair and did some test shots, and it was completely back in focus. Now I am getting sharper images than my old sharp images (from my 50mm) that I was using as a basis for comparison.

This taught me to re-check all of my assumptions before accusing the equipment of malfunctioning. However, I still can't explain why the camera will just botch a photo from time to time. Also, there is still the issue of the AF-C not keeping up with a moving subject - sometimes.

But thank you all for your words; I'm not done yet, but I uncovered the culprit: me. Haha, really it was just the unstable mount.

To the poster who asked why I was using that aperture, why do you ask? Also, would the perfect settings for the 50mm be the same for the 105mm or does everything change? I think I remember a chart showing that the DOF varies based on the length of the lens.

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