Possible D800e/105mm Autofocus Issue

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Re: Oh For Pete's Sake!!!

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you can buy a rite of passage but you cant buy brains

PhotoBabble wrote:

People on this forum have become such a bunch of hypochondriacs, and have lost all sense of proportion.

The combo focusses just fine. But look at what you're doing!!!!!!! 1/60 th second. Hand held box (ie. movement, up and down, left and right, and in and out of the focus plane). Hand held camera (ie. more movement). Did I mention 1/60 th of a second. 36 fr* king MP. 1:1 crop. What does that tell you???? Think man. Think!!!

You've got to demonstrate some smidgen of competence to get something useable. Of all the idiotic posts, this takes the cake. I swear, people should be made to pass a test of basic competence to get the right to buy this camera.

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