How many people here regularly print their photos?

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Russell Fielding Regular Member • Posts: 160
Re: How many people here regularly print their photos?

I almost never print my own pics, although I edit my brother's and he likes to print them 6x4. Bearing in mind he mostly takes landscapes/architecture this infuriates me. Why not do them bigger? (Because he's always done them 6x4 and hates change!)

Anyway, if I share photos I'll do it by email or occasionally put them up on picasa. usually full-size although if I've a lot to send someone and quality is not critical I might resize to, say, 1600x1200 or a bit smaller. 640x480 is too small imo unless they're already low quality phonecam pics.

Photos usually look better on screen in my experience although of course you can't make them fit your decor that way (which does alter things, as does nice framing/mounting).

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