Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: here's another example of what I do with the snapshot skopar 25mm

That particular shot works fine at f8. The deep DOF allows the people in the background to be clear, as well as the light pattern on the tree, the sign on the music shop etc. It has a nice 3d quality. It's a good example of when the skopar is perfect.

Other times however you want a different type of street shot. Sometimes the background is full of distractions and you want to isolate the subject.

Here's a somewhat random example, from, that shows why you will not always want deep DOF on the street:

If the background was all in focus this photo simply would not work. This example also shows that you can still get plenty background of blur from a 23mm lens on APS-C (in this case the fuji x100).

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