Fash... Pentax versus Nikon

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Re: Fash... Pentax versus Nikon

awaldram wrote:

No - unless the T rating of the lens were identical and the sensor gain as well the the 2nd body would not match the primary body exposure values.

You don't need them to match. You are using two systems to independently light the scene to basically get flash ratios where there was none before. You wouldn't go to all the trouble just to have the scene evenly balanced by P-TTL. There wouldn't be any point to having flash groups then, right? You're looking for more creative control. The C in CLS.

Considerably easier to use wirel triggers , Auto thyristor and varying Fstop on the flashes to control zones.

The point of this would be speed in changing the light setup, otherwise why would one need Nikon's CLS to begin with. It also means you don't have to touch the setup. If you have to pull down a flash to be able to get to the settings, chances are you're not going to get the setup exactly the same again when you try to put the flash back in place. That means your just completed tweak could be now completely wrong.

Thank you

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