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Re: As the host of the series...

RaptorUK wrote:

Martin Ocando wrote:

I DQed some obvious images not even resembling Alpenglow, or even warm light. But I can't be 24/7 dedicated to this. I'm not being paid to be a challenge host. I see some nice images, maybe some sunsets that doesn't fit into the Alpenglow realm, but the voting will decide which is better.

I'll take the risk of having another of my posts censored . . .

With an attitude like this you shouldn't be a Host as you have no concept of fairness in competitions.

Who are you being unfair to ? you are being unfair to the Entrants that read the rules and complied with them by NOT entering pictures that didn't meet the theme . . . you are also being unfair to the Entrants that entered pictures that comply with the rules, they now have to compete with entries that do not . . .

As I said to your previous"what is alpenglow" post, this is not a scientific term, so for some might be, for others not. It would be really unfair from me to DQ images that I might not consider Alpenglow, but for many other photographers it is. And, as the rules say, "warm light" pictures, "beautiful light". I also said lets tribute Alpenglow with "SIMILAR" images. I never said, "Only images of the optical phenomenon when the sun is just below the horizon and a red band illuminates the mountain, or aerosols by back-scattering, due to remaining red scattered light straddling the border of the Earth's own shadow". It would have been maybe scientifically precise, but utmost boring.

This Challenge could have been so good . . . in my opinion you have ballsed it up, sorry but you have.

I think not. Really.

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Take a look at my album . . .

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