X-Pro 1: Focusing w/ and w/o Power Save Mode

Started Apr 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
impig Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Def. slower for me

What firmware is you lens/body?
Could it be that 35mm behaves differently?
Do you own a 35mm too so you can test it?

...because I was just out shooting and had power saving mode switched ON for the first time and the AF speed seemed same as usual (as my test previous suggested). I tested only in OVF.

One thing that did work worse (with power saving) was the brightness adjustment/adaptability of the OVF framelines. In some situations they were almost invisible for a few seconds/button presses.

The live histogram obviously doesn't work with power saving, but I don't have it switched on anyway since it's not to be relied on...

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