Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Don't bother getting angry...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

And what if pushing for f/2 further compromises the IQ?

Indeed, what if? Do those who keep wishing for a 'fast pancake standard prime' at this point even care? They are crediting Canon sight-unseen for making the 22 F2 lens for the EOS-M without a single test to see if it's even a decent lens - because it meets the one factor important to them: it's a pancake lens, and it's F2.

Notice in my previous thread, I noted how I don't have any need or wish for such a lens. I'm perfectly happy with an excellent, well designed, very capable, razor sharp fast prime lens on my NEX that's about the size of the kit lens - I actually like the ergonomics with the lens barrel to cradle.

But we're responding to whether or not Sony has the ability to make a fast pancake prime, and I do indeed think it's plenty possible...they just decided not to and went another direction. Panny, Oly, Canon, and others all prove it's 'possible', even the 16mm Sony NEX lens which I pointed out seems to prove it's 'possible' - but performance and IQ must become secondary to lens size. Same rule goes for pancakes - design and size become the primary focus, and IQ and performance become secondary. It's the nature of the beast. Performance and IQ might still end up being very good even being secondary, or might not.

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