1DX should I buy it, or stick with my 5DMK3

Started Jul 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 1DX should I buy it, or stick with my 5DMK3

Don't currently own either one but only played with them in some of those Canon road show in the local camera store and played with friends' new toys, if that's my purchase, it would be a very easy decision -- 1Dx.

In fact I recently upgrade my camera to the D800E instead of 5D3, currently shooting 1DS2, 1D2, 5D2, D3, and just received my long waited D800E, and the next upgrade I will do is to replace all 3 of my ancient Canon body with the 1Dx, just too spoiled by everything those 1D/D3 body has to offer, the AF system, the handling, the built quality, the speed, the metering.......never a big fan of small camera, and in fact the body size and handling is my only complain about the D800E, so for me between the 5D3 and 1Dx is a really choice, but you already mentioned you like small camera, then why don't you just go with your own preference. who care if everyone else like the 1DX or whatever, it's your money and your own camera and you are the one will be using it not me.

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