Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: you should really consider the X100 for street photography

chris blaubac wrote:

Do you have the x100 yourself? I've heard that the auto-focus is pretty slow - even with the latest firmware. Is the AF usable on the street?

Yep, I've got an X100 (and a Nex-5 and Nex-7.) The AF speed is in the same ballpark as my Nex cameras, depending on the lens. It's usable, but not Olympus fast. Granted, zone focus is usually more common with street photography, and the X100 does this better than native Nex lenses.

The X100 is quirky, but a blast to use, and, at this point, I've only been using my Nex cameras at home for things like portraits. The X100 is my everyday, go to camera, and it's fun to shoot, but it really just depends on your preferences and style. I'm probably going to sell my Nex-7 at some point, since it isn't being used much.

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