Nikon 24-70 vs primes once again?

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Re: Nikon 24-70 vs primes once again?

I have noticed I´m using my 24-70 mainly set on the ends - either 24 or 70mm. At 24mm, I always stop it down to f4,5 at least to give me good corner sharpness. With 70mm, I mostly shoot various family outdoor portraits (not at all just the heads and while the sharpness is fully comparable to my 70-200/2.8 VRII at 70/2.8, it leaves something to be desired when you are approaching to the edges.... Anyway, it is not a rocket science to realize that a prime built without a compromise muset be always better than the zoom (built in the same way) - that´s optical laws. But honestly, the N24-70/2.8 has narrowed this gap considerably - more or less only the latest, the greatest and the most expensive primes visibly surpass it today. If you take the basic line of Nikon 2.8 primes into account, I would always pick the 24-70 zoom without hesitation. With the 1.4 primes, it comes down to your preferecne: 1.4 speed (= light gain, DOF possibilities) + even better optical qualities vs. AF speed, zoom flexibility and still very good optical qualities.... depends on your preferences and style of shooting, what you prefer. The best scenario is to own them all, of course

p.s. please note that the differences in real prints of any size are MUCH LESS obvious than on monitor during 100% size pixel.peeping

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