X-10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 ?

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Re: Depends on . . .

depscribe wrote:

Ii have the add-on viewfinder for my LX-5 as well. It is inconvenient -- would be better if there were a locking mechanism to hold it in the shoe, and one to keep it from tilting upward. The LX-7 is the result of Leicasonic looking at the market and either making the wrong appraisal or hoping to create a niche: no built-in finder, a smaller sensor (and the laws of physics tells us there's no way around that being an issue), no real improvement over the LX-5 except for throwing in a one-stop speed increase, which is nice but Summicrons have always been somewhere between sharper and much, much sharper than Summiluxen. The LX-5 is an excellent camera at, now, an excellent price. The justification for the X10 are its viewfinder and zoom ring, neither of which is perfect but both of which are huge steps in the right direction, I think. The way that is best and most convenient for cameras to work evolved nicely over 75 years or so of film shooting; the fact that digital cameras do not use film but record to little cards instead says nothing useful about ergonomics.

Agreed, but the LX7 has a couple of fairly significant ergonomic improvements too. The aperture ring and the separate lever for manual focus/ND filter get two of MY most used functions off of that little click wheel. Which means it will mostly be dedicated to exposure comp and the occasional ISO change, which means I won't have to actually CLICK it much and won't get confused about which function its controlling at the moment. Yeah, I know it shows up in yellow, but I still screwed that up with the LX5 more often than I like to admit. To me, that's not a small improvement.

The sensor and the lens remain the big questions. The sensor, despite being smaller, might be at least somewhat better than the LX5 sensor at higher ISO (Canon seems to have pulled that off with the S100 compared to the 90/95. Which, combined with the faster lens (assuming its adequately sharp) could make it a real (if not huge) upgrade from the LX5. Or, if the sensor and/or lens don't cut it, then your advice makes a lot of sense and the 7 doesn't. But I'm at least gonna have a look at it. The EVF for the 7 is a LOT better than the one for the 5, BTW - I wouldn't use it much but its nice to have available for the occasional need.


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