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Re: So anyone else using the Powershot Pro1 here?

I've still got mine, and so I can tell you that the shooting in RAW option is selectable in the usual way. Write speed is a bit slow, but I have an old slow card in it, so not a fair test!

However, you can also elect to save as a RAW when you have it set to take jpegs.

You take the shot, and while viewing the result on the monitor, you press the FUNC button, whereupon the option to change to the RAW format appears. Use the selector to get to OK, press SET and it's done. I've never bothered with this, but just popped a battery in and tried it. It does not save a jpeg at the same time. It reverts to shooting jpegs.

The thing is, the PS Pro1 shoots perfectly exposed and sharp pictures all the time, with great colour rendition . Even its flash metering is perfect - probably better than my later cameras - and definitely better than my SLRs.

It's the sort of camera that you can take out as if you were using Kodachrome 64. You couldn't push Kodachrome, and you can't really push the Pro1. It's the noise issue, when the blue sky has noise at ISO400......

I had a hunt for any RAWs I'd taken with it, and I had hardly any - I just didn't bother.

I'm seriously considering taking it on a trip in a few months time, as I know that I'll get beautifully exposed shots, which will not need any time in post processing. Reasonable EVF, great lens (bit of chromatic aberration and vignetting - well documented), bit slow but no hard drive hog!

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