Fash... Pentax versus Nikon

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Re: Fash... Pentax versus Nikon

Mike Carroccio wrote:

I've read that Nikon has a superior flash system to Pentax and others. Since I have always used Pentax gear since my MX bodies years ago, I have no experience with Nikon. For anyone with experience with both...

If I had a Nikon D7000 with 1 or 2 SB-700 flash units, what advantages would I have over a Pentax K-5 with 1 or 2 AF-540s?

The one thing about nikon speedlights that IMHO sets them apart is build quality, they siply are more rugged.

I tend to prefer the older SB800 units, as they are as powerful as the SB-910 unit (slwoer recycle though), but a lot more compact. Even the Pentax 540AF flash is quite large in comparison.

I have in general found the iTTL system the most consistent and reliable and if you go into multiple flashes it just is a much more advanced system.

I even used my SB800s in manual mode on the K-5, mostly because of the more robust build quality and more compact form factor, not to mention that it allowed me to cut down on the number of flash units to travel with.

All this said, I havve not had major issues with the pTTL system from pentax, it definitely has its quirks and odlities, but at least they are consistant, thus you can work around them and predict them once you get to know the system.

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