X-10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 ?

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Re: Depends on . . .

John Bean (UK) wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

depscribe wrote:

. . . Whether viewfinder is important to you. If it is, get an X10. If it isn't, get an LX-5.

Viewfinder on the X10 is massively overrated.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Depends on the preferences of the user.

You are inclined to make over-generalised assertions that are in reality just a matter of opinion, not fact.

Here are some facts.

The viewfinder is tiny.
The viewfinder only shows 85% of the scene.
The viewfinder is not corrected for parallax.
The viewfinder has no focus point confirmation.
The viewfinder has no exposure information.
The viewfinder has no camera setting information.

For photographers who like to shoot with a lot of guesswork, this viewfinder is wonderful and acceptable. I, like many, like to operate my camera with more than guess work. I like information on what my camera is doing before taking the image. I dont shoot in auto mode so I require information to make calculated decisions.

That the X10's viewfinder might be "best in class" is meaningless marketing drivel to me. It changes none of the above.

I've had a X10 all of one day but I like the viewfinder. It's useful to me, no worse than I would have expected and rather better than most in its class (compact cameras).

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