Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction

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Re: Your second half of 2012 Ricoh prediction

anthony mazzeri wrote:

Documensony wrote:

anthony mazzeri wrote:

... now Ricoh is part of Pentax

It's the reverse.

Not the camera division we are referring to in these discussions. From the official announcements, the hitherto internal Ricoh imaging division was farmed out from under Ricoh corporate's umbrella to be absorbed into the new Pentax subsidiary.

Literally - the Ricoh camera people packed their things and physically moved into Pentax's building.

Basically Ricoh corp retained the surveillance/CCTV and suchlike non-consumer camera stuff as an internal division because that's more business-oriented, while Pentax (A Ricoh Company) now looks after all the Ricoh-branded consumer cameras.

This is not unusually in a corporate takeover. Sometimes the company that buys is not the company that ends up controlling. For Ricoh Cameras this is a sad situation, yes Pentax are good but Ricoh was always something else, nothing like it.

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