Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

I have honestly been very surprised by some of the responses.

I know that most of the respondents are not street photographers, that is obvious from what they are saying, but even so I would have thought that nearly everyone on this forum would agree that there is a basic requirement in a camera system for a few fast auto-focus primes below a 75mm equivalent (where we have the Sony 50mm f1.8).

The nex system has only one auto-focus fast prime wider than the 75mm equivalent point, and that's the zeiss 24mm. There isn't even a fast-50 equiv, surely the first thing you would expect in a camera system.

My main issue with the Zeiss is not the price, though that is a problem, it's the size. Lenses this large make you look like a pro, they get you banned from places and make people suspicious and uncomfortable. People notice you more and they don't like things that large being pointed at them. It's also too large for a carry around lens anyway.

The LA-EA2 adapter and A-Mount route is simply not an option. The camera and lens become simply too large.

The sigma 19 and 30 have partially saved sony's ass here but they are not what you would call fast (most would suggest that a fast prime is f2 or better). I have the sigma 30mm and it's a very nice lens.

Yes,yes,yes you can use legacy glass. I have a lot of it. Yes you can manual focus wide-open on a road or a flower - but street photography wide-open is going to be a challenge without auto-focus to at least to get you close.

I'm also very surprised that some here are suggesting that 28mm is not different from 35mm, which is not different from 45mm etc. If you take enough photos you will know that this is simply wrong; perspective changes, diagonal lines become more or less prominent, distortion changes, where you have to stand on the street changes (and streets are generally a similar size so you notice the difference).

Further, in street photography you need to visualise what's in the frame before you bring the camera to the eye (if you do at all) and in order to do this you need to learn what the FOV looks like. This is why exact FOV requirements arise. It's strange how my quest for a fast 35mm equiv gets people saying I should take more photographs - it's because I take lots of photographs that I know that 35mm equivalent is what I want.

My current lens of choice is the Snapshot Skopar 25mm - it's a wonderful lens, a 37mm equivalent (close enough!), compact, sharp, approx £200 used. The only problem is that in some circumstances I want the lens to open up to f1.8 and auto-focus, which it can't!

So... if I want an auto-focus fast 35mm equivalent I have a simple choice: either buy the Zeiss 24mm and put up with the size (and cost) or buy a fuji x100 with it's very compact high quality 35mm equivalent lens and throw that in the bag along with the nex5-n.
Basically if I need the setup to be compact I will need the x100.

This is why I got frustrated because neither are especially good choices - and if that canon 22m is even half-decent it indicates the sort of thing that I was hoping Sony would provide at some point.

Never mind. The nex still meets most of my needs.

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