Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Let's see...two Sony lenses for your NEX...

Everdog wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

...and with the superior high iso performance of the nex cameras over m 4/3 the speed difference isnt really that big either

Strike one: When comparing the NEX 7 and the E-M5 there is no difference at high ISOs. If anything the E-M5 is better.

But the OP is using the Nex 5n not the Nex 7, so why not compare those cameras? And then the E-M5 costs about twice the Nex 5n, he can buy the Zeiss lens for the difference in price (when you add the lens he wants)

Strike two: That F/1.7 is over a stop faster than an F/2.8 len

But you have to consider that in many situations you can go for a little higher ISO and still get good results, and the DOF of 1.7 (or even 2.8) is very narrow so it will be hard to focus on the right place with moving people.

Strike three: M43 cameras like the E-M5 have IBIS which in many situations gives you a 3+ stop advantage.

Did you read what the OP wants, and why he wants a fast lens? MOVING persons in a street. no IS system (In lens or in camera) will help you one little bit...

Oh, and be nice to the OP. There is no reason for some here to attack him and demand examples of his work. Let the guy have an opinion which seems to be a common complaint around here.

I think being nice to the OP is one thing, giving information that he will not need (about the Nex 7 when he owns a Nex 5, about IBIS that won't work in his situation) is maybe as rude as not being nice to the OP.

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