Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

Mark_McD wrote:

headofdestiny wrote:

Mark_McD wrote:

I think trying to determine proportionate lens sizing when not even body sizing has been determined is a bit out of left field.

That is the crux of the argument that I don't agree with. I think there is a bit of a consensus from just about every type of NEX reading that I've done that the lenses are generally larger than people want, and the other mirrorless companies seem to be understanding that. I'd imagine you're in the minority in wanting a lineup of lenses the size of the kit zoom. I personally sold my Zeiss 24 primarily for the fact that it was too large for my everyday lens.

p.s. I'd like the Sony 16 to be a little larger because, being a wide angle, such a design stresses the optics too much, not because of ergonomics.

I don't agree with that. Maybe if you're isolating people complaining about size solely, whereby naturally most won't complain that it's too small. Those complaining about quality often say "I wouldn't mind a larger lens!"

I agree. You can have two people agree that they want a 35mm equivalent, but then one wants a pancake the other doesn't care. And the pancake is going to have optical compromises. So when released, there will be endless complaints about soft corners or perhaps other problems, just as you see with the 16mm.

Personally, I like the idea of a 24mm pancake, and I think it's possible we could see something like this still.

I think it's all a matter of shades of gray. Saying "high quality", "small", "fast" and "affordable" all in one sentence requires you compromise at least one of those attributes, unless you add in the "software corrected" attribute which means you need a profile for lightroom / ACR or whatever else you do your editing with in order for it to be viable.

It is unfortunate that my old Nex-5 doesn't have in-camera software correction, so I'll have to rely on external software or for the lens to not be too compromised.

As we've seen here, bulking at prices is something people will do. If the OP were simply looking for something in the range, the Sigma 30mm out to do the trick (a bit more narrow) and is infinitely more affordable.

Except it's not fast enough, so we go through another round of compromise formulation to see which works out best.

Why isn't it fast enough? Even if Sony comes out with a pancake 24mm, I predict it will be f2.8. I think the pressure will be on to make a compact lens compact. I guess one might also argue that Sony would be sure to not compete with the CZ 24mm lens.

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