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Hi Dom7,

I've been experimenting with the RX100 and the Raynox 250. I have tried taping this to the end of the RX100's lens barrel with masking tape, but gave that up when I accidentally closed the camera and watched horrified as the tape was drawn into the camera (it survived). So I have now just held the Raynox to the end of the barrel as I'm taking the picture. It works. Here are a couple from the other day. They are both at the telephoto end of the zoom and the Raynox allows the camera to focus about 5 cm away from the subject with a resonable increase in magnification.

The bee is quite small, no more that 15mm in length to give you an idea. Until someone like CheesyCam ( http://cheesycam.com/examples-with-cpl-filter-on-rx100/ ) comes up with a better means of mounting filters (and the Raxnox) to the RX100, I'll be sticking with hand holding the close up lens. It adds to the challenge/skill needed to get a decent shot anyway.

Love this camera, by the way. Took it to the olympic football at Wembley the other day to watch Team GB play and took this at 200ISO (it's slightly cropped)

Good luck with the macros.

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Mike Cryer

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