WTF, Now Hispanic Americans, Are Being Murdered By "White Police" In California

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Re: ".. the U.N. would send troops to come in .." (Now, I Totally Agree They Should)

And, while they're here, the UN needs to monitor our 2012 Nov Presidential Elections to insure all USA Citizens old enough to vote are in fact allowed to vote. You know, it's a very sorry state of disgraceful, incompetent and imoral government that we need an international organization such as this to monitor and run affairs in our country because we have been so dumb and stupid we have allowed the ugliest elements in the USA: racists police, racists republican-tea party and other such right-wing groups including Koch Brothers, vulture capitalists, the upper 1% and the industrial-military complex and the likes of groups such as FoxNews to hijack our democracy the way they have -- therefore, I agree with you totally that we need help from the international community of more educated and moral nations to come here and straighten the USA out. Heck, we helped them during their times of need, and we sure need their help now.

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