my Lumix 12-35 is staying......

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psicotec Forum Member • Posts: 60
Re: my Lumix 12-35 is staying......

It was a hypothetical question. For the small amount in DOF difference, are you willing to tolerate the huge cost difference? I know what I think.

Button Pusher wrote:
How about you go and take them, upload them here, and prove your theory?

psicotec wrote:

Couldn't all these have been taken with an LX5 or an Sony RX100 for half the price? Or am I mistaken?

ovidiu ispas wrote:

just got it 2 days are some tests at 2.8...majority.

From perspective of social activities like parties, bbq, lots of people around, i find primes very good but always missing shots and not fun changing lenses constant.
The 12-35 will fill that niche.....

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