I Have A Great Idea!

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Re: the plan is...

Everything looks good on "paper" as they say.

Back in the heady days of the early personal computer revolution, CPA's and CEO's would go into MS Excel and literally convince themselves that they'd be millionaires in 3 months with a nudge here and a tweak there of the numbers in the suppply/demand chain.

Guess what? History has make clowns of those bozos and Warren Buffet is still laughing all the way to the bank and Bernard Madoff is someone's bum buddy at the local federal penitentiary. Yes, there's a moral to that story which I don't feel like expounding on.

To use the old cliche', the secret to wealth and happiness is not to work harder but smarter. Don't aim to make more money by expending more energy. That's a losing game.

To "rise to the next level", you've got to do things completely different.

I Love Being Alive!

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