my Lumix 12-35 is staying......

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Re: my Lumix 12-35 is staying......

Ok, the RX100 won't take exactly the same pictures. But it shouldn't be too far off.

I just looked up the price on OM-D + Panny 12-35 and it's 2600 usd. The D800 is 2999 usd. No lens to go with the D800, so I agree that it was a bad comparison.

However, for 2600 usd of photographic equipment, these images tells me nothing else than that I probably might be able to find better value elsewhere.

MAubrey wrote:

No because the the RX100 would need to be f/2 at 25mm to be equivalent to the Panasonic 35mm f/2.8. That's physically impossible.

I don't have an RX100 to check, but at 37mm (=μ43 50mm), the RX100 has a entrance pupil of 7.5mm and at 10mm (=μ43 14mm), it has an entrance pupil of 5.5mm.

Even if we're generous and say that at 25mm the entrance pupil is still 7.5mm, that's an aperture of f/3.3, which would be f/4.6 on μ43. That's roughly a stop and a half slower than this 35mm at f/2.8.

So again, the answer is no. For the pictures taken wide open, the RX100 couldn't have taken them.

They're even less possible for the LX5 (or LX7 for that matter).

With that said, you still don't have to like them if you don't want to, but if you're going to criticize, at least criticize accurately...

Personally, I like 1, 4, and 8, 10 and 11, but the rest don't do much for me.

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