1DX should I buy it, or stick with my 5DMK3

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There was a time when a company developed a reputation of quality and craftsmanship and maintained that high level through many products. When that company would announce a new product and gave specs you were reasonably assured that the new product would function as expected.

Times have changed and so has QC. Small glitches are expected and the companies respond, if only so slowly. I suppose I have been lucky in my purchases of Cam items and am not unwilling to be a first adopter. Hopwever, if Nikon is too squirrely with the D800 mess it will hurt them in the future. Certainly it will change my behavior.


pso wrote:

One thing is for sure...whoever the maker is and whatever the camera is...I will def never be an early buyer again.

OldCanonUser wrote:

Couldn't help noticing your post resembles a camera store and a little of me. I couldn't resist the D800 even though I own a 5D3 and a 1Dx. Curious what 36mp could do.

Nikon should be ashamed of being in denial over an obvious AF issue in the D800 and the QC problems in the D4. I wonder whether it is a byproduct of having to ramp up product in the face of the tsunami. Canon sure took its time getting the 1Dx out and it may have been worth it (sans the memory door).


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