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Re: Good walk around fast prime

You do raise a good point about the IS on a zoom lens that takes in the entire range. I do have an 18-55 (el cheapo) and I also have the 28-135 mid quality lens. In my film days I used to shoot 100% prime lenses because of the improved image quality. I had a Contax camera with Zeiss lenses and then, my luck of course, they disappeared during the digital days. All those great lenses of no use to me. When I dived back into the SLRs with digital I went with the 28-135 as it was the best zoom and zoom range for the price (I bought a demo at Best Buy and got it for around half price). Also have the kit 18-55. I just don't like the speed on these lenses with 3.5 the widest aperture. Your comment is well taken....but I don't know if the AF system cares about IS?? I do like the sharper lenses that the primes do have....even at the lower priced lenses. So many posters here do say get at least one prime. And I think I buy into that. I take a bit more care knowing my camera and the shot I am taking when I have a fixed least I did in my film days. There was no auto focus on Contax cameras. I would not have been on these forums grumbling about the lack of focus.....cause I was the "auto focus". So bottom line is I am intersted in one good prime lens to use on my camera for a walk around lens and get back to learning again.

Thanks for asking.....good question.....

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