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Never mind RX100, it's GX-1 Re: g5 - lx7 - boring updates

It used to be for serious shooters, LX-x. But not any more. It's Canon GX-1.
RX100 is nothing to worry about.

I have a friend looking for advice for the best serious P & S, ..., meaning, non-interchangible, low scale zoom, somewhat portable digital camera.

I didn't suggest X1 or X2, I knew it's out of the budget. GX-1 stands out of the list. There's no thing comparable in terms of the IQ and convenience (optical finder, reasonably moderate zoon, large sensor, 1050 movie, etc.). My friend is also tempted by the Fuji X10, but comparison, the old good LX3 is just as good (same zoom range, similar IQ, etc.). LX3 does not have 1080 movie but not concerned. Canon G12,G11,G10 also come to the line, even Canon S100 and S95.

The bottom line is LX7/LX5. They are not competitive to canon stuffs.

We also compared Sony. The biggest problem we found is, Sony's on-camera processing is too much. It's like eating with a lot MSG additive. Thde most obvious is the portraits, all faces look exceptionaly smooth ... you know why. Thanks at least it still keeps the eyes and nose visible.

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