m43 simple kit - choices, choices, choices

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m43 simple kit - choices, choices, choices

I'm currently a Canon 50D user. I plan to keep my current gear for sports and a small amount of work i do. However, I am a little past carrying all the bulk of my gear around when travelling. So now I'm looking at options and at present the best I can see is something in m43.

A few criteria:

  • must have viewfinder/EVF

  • must have SLR-like shutter lag

  • must focus fast (not too worried about tracking, keeping the SLR for that)

  • must be reasonably small

  • must zoom from the lens barrel (mechanical)

  • must have hot-shoe which works with Cactus-V4 or similar radio triggers so I can use it as a backup for my 50D for studio shots.

  • must have builtin flash or very small add-on.

  • needs to give good quality photos but I'm not going to be pixel peeping.

So on this basis I think I'm pretty much locked into either an Olympus EM-5 or a Panasonic G3. I know there are NEX's, J1/V1's and some promising bridge cameras which do some of these things but let's stick to the m43 choices here.

My question really comes down to a choice of these two cameras and a choice of lens combinations. Using prices from one store in Australia:

  • EM-5 body + 14-42 + 40-150 = $1400

  • EM-5 body $1121 + Oly 14-150 $749 = $1870

  • G3 + 14-42 + 45-200 = $1090

  • G3 + Pana 14-42 ($769, no body only avail.) + Oly 14-150 ($749) = $1518

  • Pana 14-140 ASPH $1490 alone so not even a contender for my budget

I can always chase down better prices but assuming they all scale the same:

  • Is the premium on the EM-5 price worth it for the 14-150? If quality is good enough then I might go that way just for the convenience of a one lens solution. Otherwise the twin lens kit is cheaper.

  • Would there be any issue with the Oly 14-150 on a G3?

  • Without starting a Pana/Oly fight, everything I've seen to date points to the Oly being better but at a price. Am I basically right here?

  • Coming from a 50D, if my wife picks up the EM-5/G3 and expects to just bang away with fast focus and little shutter lag is she going to be disappointed? Believe me, this is a big factor in which camera I buy!!

  • any experience of firing radio triggers with these cameras?

Thanks in advance for your comments

Canon EOS 50D Nikon 1 J1
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