Possible D800e/105mm Autofocus Issue

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Re: Oh For Pete's Sake!!!

This picture was my attempt of showing the focus issue. I do understand the risk for motion blur.

I have many photos at 1/125th with a grounded subject that have focus issues. My 50mm lens did not have this issue.

Could it be that I would be better off with the 105mm DC? I have read that it is better for portraiture. Here's the thing: I am using this for a subject that is 20 feet away. I am trying to do full body portraits of subjects.

I can do other tests but I have taken a bunch of images with this new lens and none of the subjects' faces seem in focus compared to the 50mm. It's making me think it's not the autofocus, just that I have the wrong lens. I originally inquired about the auto focus as I was partially wondering if an AF can show issues with a 105mm and not with a 50mm.

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