The iAuto should be improved big time

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Re: The iAuto should be improved big time

nosnoop wrote:

I think you are expecting too much from the Auto mode. As much as they want to guess what you are trying to do, it is still a guess.

You cannot depend on the camera to detect movement. Their CDAF is never good at tracking subject movement in the first place. Are you taking pictures of kids or pets? Are you using Superior Auto mode which uses multiframes shots? I personally do not find blurry images to be a problem when using the Auto mode.

What I think is that the camera should detect movement to set the shutterspeed accordingly. The RX100 actually can do this (see the sport symbol in iAuto when there is movement in the screen). But in lowlight it chooses to go as low as 1/30 even when it detects movement and even if higher ISO is possible.

If you don't get motion blur when using 1/30 while photographing people, then your target may have died!

I know that I can always use shutter prio. But sony has two Auto modes, so why not make them useful in all conditions. I would love to use just iauto for casual shooting...

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