Here we go again, new camera

Started Jul 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
slade riley Regular Member • Posts: 146
Re: Here we go again, new camera

Like many here, I made the exact same upgrade you are considering, up to the 60D this past spring, and I have never regretted it. The 60D is a awesome camera and I love it for so much that it does and so much that I am still learning. At the same time I bought it I also picked up a used 10-22mm EF-S lens and it has been a good addition as well. I use it about80% of the time now instead of my 28-300 Tamron VC lens or the nifty 50mm.

Interestingly I still use the Xti for time lapse photography and to take kayaking and such where I would not dare think of jeopardizing my 60D. Both are nice cameras. I am glad I made the upgrade and glad I kept the Xti as well.


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