Need help from an IT person

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Need help from an IT person

I am hoping someone here might be an IT person that can help me. I will try to explain it as clear as I can.

I recently got my job back with a major airline after being furloughed 9 years working in Reservations so I take calls all day long. We work from home using the internet. We are not allowed to be wireless. We have to be hardwired with a ethernet cable going from the computer to the cable modem. However, here is the problem. The rest of the family would like to be able to use our router for the internet while I am working and that can't happen because my ethernet cable is already taking up the only ethernet jack in the back of the modem.

I already tried connecting an ethernet from the modem to the router and an ethernet from the router to the work computer but it caused me to have dropped calls so as soon as I took out the one from the router to the work computer and just used the one from the modem to the work computer, then everything worked great.

Please tell what I have to do so I can keep the ethernet running from the work computer to the modem but yet have the rest of them family use the internet.

Keep in mind that my modem only has one ethernet connection while my router has 5 connections and I am in no way allowed to use the work computer to the router. It has to stay in the modem.

I thought of an ethernet coupler but not sure it that would work.

Thank you to anyone who can be of help.
Melissa aka mustang_fan

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