Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

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Re: Finally got angry about lack of 35mm equivalent

Mark_McD wrote:

I think Dennis did a fine job of explaining it when he said "We can ask why Sony couldn't release a 22mm like Canon did, or we can alternately ask why Canon hasn't released a 16mm like Sony did."

I don't know, Mark. When you look at the over arching point of the NEX system, which is smaller alternative to DSLRs, I think we should hold Sony to task a bit for their lens sizes. We've seen Samsung NX, m4/3, and now Canon all understanding that users want lenses that are both relatively small and high quality, and, while the quality of the new Canon remains to be seen, Samsung NX and m4/3 both have some nice options.

The funny thing is, I actually wish the 16mm was larger, since that would likely lead to better performance. Although everyone has their own preferences, lenses in the 28-50mm equivalent range tend to be most popular as single carry primes, so a larger 16 wouldn't bother me much, since I'd likely have a bag with me, anyways. However, although it didn't affect me as a manual lens shooter, I've considered it very odd that Sony hasn't found a small, standard-ish prime to be a priority.

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