New RX100, first thoughts

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Re: New RX100, first thoughts

Robert Deutsch wrote:

ManuH wrote:

I did my first outing today with my shiny new RX100. I'm mostly a DSLR user (K-5 and lot of glass) but I wanted a good small pocket camera when I'm out with the kids.

Build quality is good but nothing better than the excellent Samsung TL500/EX1.

I had an EX1 until I traded it in on an RX100, and agree. But the difference in size is considerable: I carried the EX1 in a belt pouch, whereas I can carry the RX100 in a shirt pocket.

Yes, that's why I never was happy with the EX1, that and the not very good UI (not customizable, etc.)

Do you ever miss a few shots with the EX1 for no reason? I did, and the same with the Panasonic GX1 and the Canon 5D. The RX100 seems no worse in this respect.

That maybe operator error or maybe the high pixel count is less forgiving but I found too many blur camera shake at around 1/160s which shouldn't happen. Also some strange focus error. I just did a test in low light and in some case it will confirm focus when it's obviously OOF. But I have the camera only since Saturday so it's probably too early to make any conclusion here.

After some experimentation, I settled on Sharpness -1, Contrast -1 and Saturation -1. I figure I can always add these back in Photoshop. I think the default settings are a bit on the vivid side, to impress the uninitiated. I tried lower levels of High ISO NR but preferred the Normal setting as the best compromise.

Why oh why there isn't a NR off setting? It's not only Sony but it's like they don't want you to see the noise. Noise is part of the game, even on a good DSLR you can see noise at base ISO if you look for it. Enough rant, at least raw is available.

I tried sweep Panorama (it's my first Sony). It works really well but it doesn't keep the full resolution of the shots so it makes it a bit useless in the end for "serious" shots. NR on multiple frames is also interesting and seems to works quite well.

I've done a couple of tests of the Multi-frame NR, comparing it in low light with normal high ISO, and preferred the Multi-frame NR. This may change when processing RAW in ACR and its own NR.

Probably not because theoretically it's like using a longer exposure. That's really a clever trick that should work well for still life without a tripod.

The P mode selects f/1.8 most of the time, as does the P setting for the EX1. I think this is a good choice for the EX1 but not so much for the RX100. I'm using the A mode more often with this camera, f/4 being the default.

I wish they had HyperProgram like Pentax (Switch automatically to Av when using the rear dial, and Tv when using the front dial). So I'll probably use Av at f/4 too. That's a first for me on a compact because usually I don't care for the aperture and shoot happily in P mode most of the time. On the RX100 a TAv mode (Manual mode with auto ISO) would be great too as the ISO latitude is much wider than on other compacts.

In any case the RX100 is a keeper.

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