600EX AF-assist beam worse on 5DIII (1DX) than 7D

Started Jul 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: 600EX AF-assist beam worse on 5DIII (1DX) than 7D

Abraxx, the AF assist fires dependant on which AF mode you're in. As an example - If you select an AF point above or below the centre, the only one AF assist beam will fire.

Check you focus point selection, as well as the focus mode. Make sure you're only using the centre point on both cameras, and only single point AF. This will clearly put both cameras in the same settings, and you should see an equal AF assist beam.

For maximum coverage choose auto AF point selection. The AF assist beam will then fire to cover all 61 points of the 1Dx/5Diii.

I have tested this on the 1Dx, but not yet the 5Diii. For me it works faster than anything else I've ever used on the 1Dx, really considerably fast than the 7D (seconds faster).

You're right to point out that everyone's 'low light' opinion will vary. I've used the 1Dx 600EX-RT AF assist combo in light low enough to not clearly see the subject through the viewfinder (late night party pictures outside), at a working distance of up to 5 meters with nevermore than a few moments of focus hunting. So I don't believe it's a hardware issue, more a finding the correct setting issue!


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