looking for suspicious FF SLT camera in the Olympics.

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Re: You are so wrong

The press would certainly be able to take pictures of the events and use those in reporting. There's no way there all using Panasonic, there all using whatever they have, be it there own camera or shop cameras from there publication.

I'm pretty sure Sony couldn't use any images from the Olympics in advertising. They certainly couldn't use the logo.

So, I'm not sure what anyone thinks they would really gain from giving a couple of the "press" photographers some of the cameras? Sure, they might be able to get them to use them, but it's probably a pretty high pressure for anyone in the press there, and I'm not sure why they would want to risk using a pre production beta equipment?

And all Sony's going to get out of it is, a little feedback? And if it's something they really are trying to keep from prying eyes at this point, it's not exactly the best place to hide the camera testing. If they actually want to test the camera, there's 100's a other sporting events all over the world every weekend that are probably played out at 90% of the Olympic level of competition, many have pretty cheap tickets (or just free) and fewer restrictions on bringing cameras.

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