Quality wide angle lenses that don't cost a fortune?

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Re: Quality wide angle lenses that don't cost a fortune?

Takahashi wrote:

What on Earth are you doing to your lens to make it fall apart?!? I've been using a 17-55 2.8 for over a year, and the only complaint I've got about it is the VERY loose zoom. It's creepier than Garland Greene in Con-Air.

Ermm.... I've cycled about 5000 km, hiked about 200km and plenty of scrambling and winter hiking with my bag of lenses ... I know, maybe the 17-55 wasn't designed for that kind of abuse, but that was about the only lens that seriously broke down, and also the 50/1.4 got more or less got half-killed when slipped on an ice patch and had to self-arrest. My 60D body gave up once while I was running a marathon with it, but Canon repaired that one for pretty cheap since it was only a minor issue with the power supply apparently.

Besides those, everything else I have owned has taken lots of beating and are holding up pretty nicely .... heck even my backup P+S (Canon G9) has survived tons of abuse with absolutely no problems. metal lenses are nice, then there are the ones like the Rokinon 85 which are plastic but pretty damn solid construction still, lasted me well and still feels like a solid piece of kit in my hand, feels like it'll last decades. Canon 100/2.8 non-L has also lasted me very well. 17-55's construction kinda pales in comparison, for something with admittedly such good optics, it really deserves a more industrial and robust housing ...

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