Olympic Opening ceremony

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Re: Olympic Opening ceremony

LeRentier wrote:

Seeing the military step in to raise the Olympic flag was not such a good idea, it looked very very strange and very very out of place.

I can see why you'd say that. However I'm not sure its really any worse than the Red Arrows flypast (I'm not sure if that got shown internationally since it was at 20:12, before the main ceremony). Leaving the Red Arrows out of any big occasion would seem odd to us Brits (if for no other reason than they make a good spectacle and we like them).

As for the wider question of whether any military involvement in a sporting event is appropriate I'd say yes it is. While people might like to think of sport as a nice peaceful pursuit with no connection to war, it really isn't. Many events have military origins, for example: The javelin is basically a spear, the legend behind the marathon's origin relates to a military messenger reporting the result of a battle, the modern pentathlon's events are based around required skills for a military officer, etc...

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